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This was interesting and good insight into another assault on Christianity. I will remember to keep an open ear for Sacred Space terminology.


I know many Reality people who are seriously considering leaving. The slick rebranding, multi-campus sites, paramount importance placed on image, and an increasingly disengaged celebrity pastor more drawn to book deals and arena events, has left many uneasy and turned a former authentic work of the Lord into a neatly packaged McChurch movement, with it's own star at the helm. All is not well amongst the sheep, whose needs are increasingly overlooked in Reality's "wild success". Who is the church for anyway? Apparently less, the sheep, and more, the pastor and his staff of minions white knuckling to his coat tails, hopeful of catching their own successes. In the words of Jesus, "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep." (John 10:11) In the case of Mr. Merrick, he seems comfortable building his life and celebrity off the backs of them, all the while irresponsibly leading them away from safe pasture and into danger. For shame, sir.


I attend Reality and am actually really saddened by the above comment by anonymous. Each campus staff works their butts off to love and care for the members of Reality. Britt always puts the local church first and is always waiting around to the end of services to meet people and help close things down. Just because Britt is anointed and wanted outside of the local church doesn't mean he is building his own celebrity life. I am really saddened that fellow Christians along the coast would be so quick to judge instead of actually getting to know how the church functions. I understand that when a church is growing and is "successful" (for lack of a more christian-like term), that people can be jealous and start attacking what God is doing instead of saying "yes" and "amen." I humbly ask that you really seek out your motives for why you accuse Reality. It is a beautiful body of believers that is only one part of the Church. I ask that you seek to bless Britt and this ministry instead of critiquing it. Satan already hates Britt and Reality enough, they don't need more opposition from other Christians. May God bring revival all over the coastlands!


It makes me so sad to see a man get picked apart like this knowing that for 3 years his daughter has been fighting for her life. And no church isn't about you previous commenter. IT'S ABOUT JESUS CHRIST! It feels like christians view church like the Venus fly trap in "The Little Shop of Horrors" ... "feed ME Seymour!!" It's not the churches job to cater to you. It's your job to say "here I am Lord, Use me!!"

Midnight Watch

Your perspective on the purpose of church and the role of pastor/teacher is not scripturally sound. Our gathering together as believers (church) is for our mutual edification and maturity (Eph 4:12-13, Col 1:28, 1 Thes 3:10, and many others). Church is not for the primary purpose of attracting unbelievers or to participate in a "missional" collective. Titus is replete with instruction for the pastor/teacher, and the disciples in Acts 6 were keenly aware that their mandate was to proclaim and preach the word. Divisions within the body of Christ are caused when leaders within the church compromise the word and their duty. This is what I am warning against. Your willingness to use Daisy as a straw-man argument is, frankly, vile.

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