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Hey , just read your post. I think you might be confusing communitarianism with communism. I know many who write posts embrace non resistance. Communism uses the power of the sword or the threat to accomplish its goals. Communitarianism is a life style choice to consider your possessions not your own, sharing them with brothers, and those unfortunate.

Midnight Watch

Thanks for your input, John. Nowhere did I reference communism. Technically, Communism does not (and for that matter cannot) exist. The groups I mentioned promote a socialist agenda, while the topic of the post openly advocates anarchy. It would be disingenuous at best to try to associate the Jesus Radicals with peaceful non-resistance. The enemy is the father of lies, and it is a most egregious lie to suggest the gospel can be ministered via anarchy, or that it shares any common bond with Socialism.


If what you mean by socialism, the forceful taking of a others' property to give to a third party, then yes l fully agree with you that following Jesus cannot align itself with such. When Jesus tells us to pick up our crosses, l believe he is inviting us to show the world what unconditional love looks like in the flesh. It's like asking your enemy what it's going to take, to make him understand that there is nothing he can do that would make you turn your love away.


Sorry for leaving you hanging. I do know for a fact, that Yoder was a staunch believer of non resistance and is highly regarded by many who associate with the Jesus Radical site. Of course l can't speak for all, and again, l certainly side with you as to the Christian's duty to reject socialism as a means to fight poverty.

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